We have tried to spell everything out as clearly as possible on our website for you, but we also understand you may still have some questions you may want answering before you place your order. If you can’t find an answer to your question from one of the FAQ’s below then feel free to email us on hello@theapocalypseapparel.co.uk and we’ll get a reply back to you ASAP.

How often can I wash the Apocalypse Apparel face mask?

Our Apocolypse Apparel custom face masks are printed using a dye-sublimation technique which forces the inks deep into the fabric fibres. This means that your print will not lose its print clarity even after multiple wash cycles.

At what temperature should the Apocalypse Apparel face mask be washed at?

Your Apocolypse Apparel face masks can be machine washed up to 60°C. Once washed and dry the mask can be used again. The face mask should NOT be washed using a fast spin and also cannot be disinfected in the microwave/oven.

How is the Apocalypse Apparel face mask printed?

The Apocolypse Apparel face masks are printed using state-of-the-art printing technology and exclusively with solvent-free inks. Once the face mask design is printed the pleats are sewn in meaning that the design is fully visible whenever you wear it.

Will wearing an Apocalypse Apparel face mask keep me safe from COVID-19?

Wearing an Apocolypse Apparel face mask will not mean that you are safe from COVID-19. Government guidelines suggest that wearing face coverings in enclosed public spaces where you can’t social distance can only help stop the spread of COVID-19. As of 24th July 2020 it has been made law that a face covering should be worn by everyone when going into a shop, cafe or using public transport. So as we all have to wear one, you may as well wear a cool one and make a statement!

What is the size of an Apocalypse Apparel face mask?

Our Apocolypse Apparel face masks are roughly 18cm x 10cm not including the elastic earloops. With the adjustable earloops, our one size then fits all.

How long from ordering will it take for my Apocalypse Apparel face mask to arrive?

If we have your ordered design ready in stock, your Apocalypse Apparel face mask will be delivered in the post the next day from ordering. If we have to re-stock certain orders then delivery time will be 2 - 3 weeks depending on how busy we are, but we will inform you by email on the progress of each order.

Can I return my Apocalypse Apparel face mask if it scares people?

Unfortunately due to hygiene reasons, once sold your Apocalypse Apparel face mask cannot be returned. If wearing your mask scares people then we suggest you take a picture of it and tag us into your instagram post so that we can share it out!

I love my apocalypse apparel face mask do you offer discounts for buying one of every design?

We certainly do. We have a special "bundle offer” giving you one of each fabulous design, and you get £1 off each mask in the collection. Check out our bundle offer here


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